Danielle rents private, fully equipped studio space in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Each facility is furnished with a complete collection of the traditional Pilates apparatus and accessories of the finest quality. Quiet, airy and soaked in natural light, these locations offer the perfect escape for a calm and concentrated workout!

EFFICIENCY  Build an awareness of your active habits (ie: muscular tension and compensation) and refocus on recruiting the most essential and effective muscle groups to get the job done. Intermix both the pulley and spring systems to approach your movement with different gradations and orientations of weight resistance.

ACCESSIBILITY  Utilize the supplemental support from the spring system to advance and/or safely modify exercises according to your individual needs and goals. Move comfortably and confidently.

GOOD OL' FASHIONED FUN  With over 600 equipment exercises on tap, you'll never get bored!



Sage Fitness

139 Fulton Street New York, NY 10038  •  8am - 9pm


>> Union Square, PATH to 9th St


Wellness Center at Mark Morris Dance Group

3 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY  •  8:30am - 9pm


>> Atlantic Av - Barclays Ctr, Nevins St, Lafayette Ave




Single Session $110
5 Session Pack $525
10 Session Pack $1000
Single Session $70 ea.
5 Session Pack $325 ea.
10 Session Pack $625 ea.