Danielle is incredible! She is an experienced and dependable trainer. On a personal level, she exudes kindheartedness, patience, and is extremely pleasant to be around. She is very diligent to create a workout that is tailored for your needs. Thank you, Danielle!

Yael, Writer

I love working with Danielle. Having done Pilates for more than 15 years, she is among my favorite instructors -- very knowledgeable!

Fern, Designer

Danielle has been a fantastic Pilates instructor. The convenience of having an instructor at my apartment with my busy schedule is amazing. To top that off, feeling like I get a great workout makes this an all around great value. Thank you for everything you do, Danielle!

Kristin, Senior Consultant

Danielle made me feel comfortable and confident from the very start of our first session. She understood my goals and intelligently selected exercises that were supportive and challenging. I would highly recommend working with Danielle to beginner and advanced Pilates students alike!

Ashley, Dancer

I was fortunate to meet Danielle the very first time I experienced Pilates. She gave me a deeper understanding of my body by offering clever examples as to where and how to concentrate. Not only was I able to get physically fit but I was able to improve my back pains. I highly recommend Danielle!

Mariola, Actress

Danielle is very knowledgable and helps you achieve the best form while trying new exercises. A super nice person!

Valerie, Entrepreneur

Lovely lady! She is careful about form and execution.

Andrea, Singer


Lauren doing ‘Side Bends’ on the Cadillac